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Emerson Academy's Vision
Emerson Academy prepares all students for college or vocational success.
Emerson Academy's Mission
Emerson Academy is dedicated to personalized learning through rigorous teaching to prepare all students, regardless of background, for successful futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.
Emerson Academy's Core Values
Equity – Emerson strives to build on the students’ cultures, personal experiences, and learning styles so all students are engaged in learning that promotes critical thinking, creates new knowledge, and solves real world problems.
Excellence – Emerson strives to excel in everything from operations to academics so every student is guaranteed access to a quality education in a culture of success.
Effectiveness - Emerson strives to create, find, and utilize exemplars of highly effective practices/processes and replicate those throughout the entire school.
Efficiency –  Emerson strives to develop more efficient processes that accelerate productivity and encourage everyone in the organization to become lean and efficient with their workflow. Efficiency is the pathway to excellence.
Everyday – Emerson strives to build an inclusive community of excellence by identifying and overcoming obstacles to help all school members achieve their personal best.